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Note: my postal address will be sent to you by reply facility on email
Note: phones, faxes, register letters or parcels. Only plain stampeds envelopes containg the query, and a self addressed stamped envelope.
Note: I can only answer (if possible, that is!) questions on love affairs, marriages, divorces, property deals, health and family problems. I will ot reply to mails that ask for my predictions on natural disasters, wagers, speculation, calamities, death or accidents
Though it may not be impossible to ferret me out, kindly desist. I can only help you, if you promise to remian absolutely remote, keeping contact only by ordinary mail sent through post offices.
I hold no supernatural powers, nor do I believe in heaven or hell. I subscribe to no religious order. I am spiritual, with belief that truth, honesty, kindness and love for all things around me, living or inanimate is what godliness is all about.
   I will not be surprised if within a few days a massive earthquake hits some part of the globe.''  Twenty two days later the magnitude 9 earthquake occurred off Aceh, triggering an undersea pressure blast which produced the huge surge which will go down in history as the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 which killed well over 150,000 people -

Man is just an evolved quadruped, turned biped. He has in him every attribute an animal has, including an uncanny and eeerie sixth sense. Unfortunately, over the millions of years he has taken to move up the evolutionary tree, he has neglected to hone or sharpen this innate extra sensory perception of his. Mark, the term has the word extra in it: its shouldn't - it has become extra, only because we have chosen to disregard its existence for thousands of years - with result that its presence or manifestation is today labelled 'extra'. It really is not. It is absolutely normal and natural.
Over the decades, I a man of science, and a rationalist, have given my inner voice, the so called hunch, that nagging feeling all of us are subject to - room to grow. And it has! The media and press has consistently reported and recorded some absolutely phenomenal 'predictions' of mine. To cite a few, arrival of the Asain tsunami, and the injury to Indian cricketer, Sachin. These two are but a couple among the hundreds that I have foreseen.
Lesser known are my foresights that saw discovery of human fossils in Indonesia, before they were uncovered or predicting the existence of a second sub-species of the Asiatic elephant. The largest selling Indian magazine in English cites my 'remarkable prescience'. The Sun, a weekly, refers to me in an article as "A scientist or an astrologer?" The Independent, U.K. carries a special article on me, comparing me to david Bellamy, and says my predictions have capacity to make 'hair on the nape of the neck stand up'. Every Indian newspaper has featured my reports, and more than 150 websites carry stories on me.
On this site, you will find many articles and notes on what this sixth sense and ESP are about. Is it paranormal? Or just a normal sense, as yet not understood. Has science too long neglected 'seers and clairvoyants' as freaks and charlatans? (many are) Why are scientists and scientific researchers so incredulous of individuals possessing skills and ability to predict or foresee events?
My crusade on this site, is to study of such manifestations scientifically. To analyse situations and scenarios, assay statistical probabilities, in fact subject seers to scrutiny, not with intention of exposing or ridiculing them, but with hope that the world of science may benefit from the contributions that gifted people can make. The world could well become a safer, better and certainly a healthier place to live in, if we could exploit the untapped potential extra sensory power can unleash.
I am available for anyone who wishes to contact me. I could be of help. Maybe a personal problem. A nagging worry? Health crisis? A lost love, a mysterious event: anything that scares or bothers you: why not reach out. I am there....
How do you reach me? I prefer to stay anonymous. The less we know each other, the better I operate. All I need is your question or doubts spelt out in post mail . Mail your queries (restrict yourself to one question per mail, no more than twenty five words). The postal note has to be handwritten by you. Not typed. It should have a picture of yourself or on one you want to enquire about. Make sure you enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. I will not reply to your email by email, but will wait for your envelope and written question.
If I get positive vibes, I will reply to you, or I may not otherwise. At least one in three mails, I am confident I can comment on, so bear with me. I am no swami, Godman or guru. I have limitations.
I charge no fee. I want to remain incognito. If you benefit in any way by the words I may send in reply to your query - you are free to compensate me in any way you deem appropriate.
The whole exercise here is to prove to science, through meticulous recording process, that sixth sense is not paranormal. I intend to file all queries, analyse all replies, and correlate them to actual happenings later, to establsh a data base, scientifically sound. All through, confidentiality and privacy shall be maintained - Both yours and mine. – the professor’s uncanny ability
to predict events, based on scientific analysis, is amazingly eerie. Online Edition: Home
Independent (U.K) Sunday Tribune, New Zealand Herald, Panorama -  "And there’s no doubt either that, in reading it, many people are likely to experience a certain rising of the hair on the back of the neck"
....he is India's most eccentric genius. even has a name in the Limca Book of Records.
           Was tsunami predicted earlier?
A speciality website Natural History - India served by the Princeton University, USA, carried a write-up that warned of an impending and immediate earthquake A speciality website Natural History - India served by the Princeton University, USA, carried a write-up that  
     warned of an impending and immediate earthquake

Expert's predictions on hobbit-like fossils come true

.........................Predicted that `independent sites of human origin' would be found along a swathe of `crescentric land' running across    South East Africa, South Europe, North Iran, Andamans, Western Ghats, North East India and Indonesia.

.....has predicted unearthing of fossils from the northern ridges of the Western Ghats and the adjoining regions of the upper Deccan and the
Rann     of Kutch.

Indian academic made the observation that a major earthquake could occur very soon...twenty-two days later, the magnitude 9 earthquake off Aceh triggered the underwater pressure wave that is now known as the Boxing Day Tsunami, which killed more than 150,000 people - but few animals.


Cetacean Society International

Whales Alive! - Vol. XIV No. 1 - January 2005

                                                 ...His timing was unbeatable  

And how's this for uncanny? Indian Professor predicts earthquake based on whale strandings 


  Any scientific prediction he would like to share with readers of NRIPulse? Yes, says the professor Science will discover that the Indian elephant is not a unitary species, but belongs to two separate species. Sure? Cent per cent

the professor’s uncanny ability to predict events, based on scientific analysis, is amazingly eerie.

   National Network
Indian Express Logo
Friday, March 11, 2005

KOCHI, MARCH 10: It’s a quest in the literal sense of the word. Ecologists of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and officials of the Forest Department are set to trek the state’s forests in search of the ikallaana, the mythical dwarf elephant.

Wildlife photographer Sali Palode and `Kani' tribesman Mannan encountered a small herd of five-foot-tall elephants in Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary in the State last week, sparking speculation whether the pygmy elephants the tribesmen of the region had been talking about were, indeed, real.